DYWC 801 - AM



Dumaguete City

DYWC-AM, founded by the Franciscans in Guihulngan, Negros Oriental in 1965, champions the voice of the Catholic Church in the Visayas. A powerful sound in its broadcast area. It is heard not for its power but for its message.

For three decades and seven years DYWC withstood the vicissitudes of time: political upheavals, economic and financial crises, administrative drawbacks, etc. In 1972 and the two years following in the imposition of martial law, DYWC was silenced by the old regime for being too radical in its agenda for political reform. For the people of DYWC only the truth will make the country free.

DYWC was formally put back on the air in 1978, and in 1980 the station moved its broadcast outfit to Sibulan, Negros Oriental, under the management of the Diocese of Dumaguete through Bishop Epifanio B. Surban. Maintaining its original mission as the voice of the Catholic Church, DYWC came closer to the expanding communities in Dumaguete City, the home of radio broadcasting in Negros Oriental. More than ever, DYWC could broadcast well and respond better to the needs of its grassroots audience.

Management, programming and equipment are the three major areas of operation that DYWC has to contend with. MANAGEMENT takes to its heart the people who are the station’s broadcast life. People alive means a living voice in the airlanes.


The station of the Third Millenium that stands for the Truth that sets people free.


To be the number one radio station by having well trained and spiritually sound staff

To produce high quality mass-based radio programming which contributes to the spiritual and moral welfare of the people

To support community progress that is sustainable and at the same time provides best value to advertisers


DyWC maintains its
hallmark as a mass-based radio, and as such identifies itself with its mass-based c-d-e category of broadcast clientele, vernacular in language and local programming orientation.

DyWC is a Catholic radio station promoting Catholic faith, morals and doctrines. Social orientation, biases and interventions promoted by the station are those that are aligned with the general norm teachings and practices of the Roman Catholic Church.

As the province and the city forges ahead in its development for the community and people, DyWC provides access of the grass-roots listeners to accurate and
authoritative information and opinion on local and national events and activities.

In serving its mission, DyWC sets the highest standards of accuracy, objectivity and above all dedication to the national interest


Primarily for 20-60 years old, people who want to keep abreast with latest news; people who want to know the latest updates on the Church in diocesan, national and international levels; and people who engage in relaxation and unwinding.

About 70% of our listenership belongs to CDE audience (mass audience) and around 30% belong to AB (affluent and educated) listeners.


DYWC maintains its hallmark as a mass-based radio, and as such identifies itself with its mass-based c-d-e category of broadcast clientele, vernacular in language and local programming orientation.

We provide high rating programs that have the right combination of News and Public Affairs and highly appreciated on-air dramas; we also provide programs that are geared towards propagation of faith and Catholic religion.

We also focus extremely in Public Service extending our hands to serve the last, the least, and the lost.

We offer specially tailored variety of programs that entertain and educate at the same time.

The ultimate goal of these programs is to inform, to form and to transform society that inch towards progress and development.


Primary:  Dumaguete City, Northern and Central part of Negros Oriental and Siquijor

Secondary:  Parts of Negros Occidental, Bohol, Southern Cebu, some parts of Zamboanga del Norte, Camiguin and Misamis Oriental and Occidental.

DYWC shares 70% of the total listenership in primary and secondary covered areas.


Website:         www.dywc801am.com

                        Audio and Video Live Streaming


DIALECT:       Cebuano, English

POWER:         5 kwh

SURVEY RATING:           

#1 AM Radio in Dumaguete and Negros Oriental

Media Diaries Radio Survey – 89.5%


  • Live Coverage of Town Fiestas
  • Live Weekday and Sunday Masses
  • Live Christmas Eucharistic Celebration
  • Live Coverage of Holy Week Celebration
  • Election Coverage

PROGRAMMING means walking down the streets, the byroads, and alleys of the very people it would want to reach. Programming is zeroing in on a specific target audience, the general masses which are less heard. Its programs are designed to respond to peoples’ needs and concerns reaching down to people on the streets, in the docks, in the sari-sari store and where the bulk of people who are the major stakeholders of DYWC’s broadcasting service. For which reason programmers, reporters and talents are taken among this class of listeners. They speak the language, express the images and symbols, capture the ways and behavior, or call it the ethnicity of its serviced constituents.

News, public affairs, information, public service and entertainment are the station’s identity. Religious slots of varied treatment are not wanting. The mission of catchetics and evangelization, revival of moral values and church teachings are interwoven in every program of the day. Community education and formation for social transformation is the authentic presence of DYWC. Christian tenets are taken as its primodial principles underlying all its broadcast blocks. DYWC is the voice
that knows no fear for what is right … the voice that quiets the audacity of those who know only evil.







State-of-the-art EQUIPMENTS and FACILITIES are critically chosen on the basis of their long-term serviceability. Equipment and facilities are digitalized so as to deliver the message with clarity and to equally resonate good sounds for listening satisfaction. Positioning the station in social media platforms like Facebook and being present in the worldwide broadcast arena, DYWC joins in the global village where communication super highways becomes the avenue to preach the Gospel via live facebook streaming and a website to resound its programs. It responds to St. John Paul II’s call to make the world of social communication as the new pulpit for evangelization.

To further reach more corners of the Diocese of Dumaguete, Franciscan Broadcasting Corporation deems it worthy to put up an FM station in Basay, Negros Oriental since DYWC 801 AM hardly heard in the southern areas of Negros Oriental: In 2013, DYWC HAPPY FM 104.7 was established in Basay to resonate the mission of evangelization in Basay, Bayawan, Sta. Catalina and Siaton. These places integrally comprise the Diocese of Dumaguete.

DYWC is operating at 801 kHz on 5,000 kilowatts. It is heard not only in Dumaguete City and Negros Oriental but also in parts of Negros Occidental, Bohol, Southern Cebu, some parts of Zamboanga del Norte, Camiguin and Misamis Oriental and Occidental. In Negros Oriental DYWC is the name in broadcasting. It is not just being heard. It is listened to! Only in DYWC is where the audience listens because they are the ones talking. The audience not only recognize their voice. They own it. And this voice has a mission. They know what. True to its name, “DYWC, Kasandigan Mo”, anchors its boradcast roots on the very core where true transformation should begin.



DYWC 801 kHz

Parish Compound, Poblacion, Sibulan 6201, Negros Oriental

(035) 419 – 8726

(035) 419 – 8046


Actin Basay, Negros Oriental

0935 – 113 – 1451